DeWalt D24000 Wet Tile Saw

DeWalt Tile Saw Review

Once that big brown box arrives at your home, you'll know you made the right decision. Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars with over 123 reviews, buyers love cutting tile like butter with DeWalt.

Researchers want to know the difference between the D24000s and the D24000 DeWalt tile saw models. This: the D24000s model comes with the DeWalt tile saw stand (costs $50 by itself). The amazing thing is right now even though the D24000s comes with a stand, it costs the exact same as the D24000 (no stand). Both are currently $719 but prices are changing constantly as suppliers run out.

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If you're on the fence, don't wait on buying at this price. The DeWalt D24000s has been as high as $829. Lowes has it for $869.99. Home Depot has it for $849. This does not include shipping. We recommend you buy it at the discounted online price of $729. Click here to see if the price has gone up.


Home Depot Price

dewalt tile saw home depot price

Lowe's Price

dewalt tile saw lowes price

The Good

  • Easy to break down and move
  • One person can carry at 70 lbs total (Click here to see full specs)
  • Table has rubber top to prevent sliding and slipping
  • Excellent water containment
  • Not messy, can be used inside
  • Huge cutting capacity, 26" rip and 18 3/8" diagonally
  • Strong, powerful motor
  • Excellent water containment with little splash
  • The rail is very tight and accurate
  • Very accurate and smooth cuts (cuts like butter)
  • Study, durable feel
  • Long lasting

The Bad

  • Makes a lot of noise
  • Fastening hands on the extra trays are delicate (could possibly break)
  • The mitre fence is a little small
  • Clean up on the saw itself difficult because of the small crevices
  • Could use a laser guide

Rated 5 stars in 47 of 56 reviews. Click here to read 56 buyer reviews.

***Widely considered the best value among tile saws.

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The DeWalt Tile Saw Price

Nov 13 UPDATE: Right now you can get the D24000 for $719 with free shipping and the D24000s for $719.00. This is a very low price and one I guarantee will not last. Take advantage of this deal. The shipping is free on each and with a product this heavy (package is 70 pounds), you can usually can count on $25-$50 shipping costs.

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Buy the DeWalt D24000 at $719 now. Click here to see the price.

Buy the DeWalt D24000s at $719 now. Click here to see the price.

I have actively tracked the DeWalt D24000 Wet Tile Saw for the last year and the price has ranged from $729.75 ($719 + $10.75 shipping) to $749.99**.

As of the date this was written, now is one of the best times to buy the DeWalt D24000 at $719 with free shipping. Click here to check the current price.

**The price is usually $749.99

So What's the Deal With the D24000s and the D24000

You may have come across the DeWalt D24000s model and wondered what the difference was compared to the D24000. At first, this threw me for a loop but it's the DeWalt tile saw stand. That's the only difference.

Right now there's no difference in price for buying the D24000s w/ tile saw stand or buying the D24000 and the tile stand separately. However, check on this if you want the tile saw stand because you can save money when prices change.

Click here to check the price (normally $50) of the DeWalt tile saw stand.

Click here to check the price (normally $799) of the DeWalt D24000s tile saw with stand.

If you don't have a tile saw stand, it is highly recommended that you buy the DeWalt tile saw stand.

Here is an easy formula for determining whether to buy the D24000s or D24000.

If D24000 price + stand = less than D24000s price, buy separately.

If D24000s price = less than D24000, buy D24000s model.

Price Reference:

$729.99 D24000 – Check Today's Price
$49.99 DeWalt Stand – Check Today's Price
$779 D24000s – Check Today's Price

Click here to see more images of the DeWalt in action.

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